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Archive for August, 2007

Writing Better Web Site Content

August 30th, 2007

Every day I come to work knowing that I will be working on multiple projects. I can easily say that I have seen a multitude of different problems and solutions. One of the biggest visual problems that I encounter is content and the quality and/or the complete lack there of. The web is all about communication, and in a world where communication is everything, web content is key. Think about it, more and more people today are getting their news and information from news websites, blogs and search engines. So why shouldn’t the content of your website be created with the same attention to detail as more traditional forms of media.

“The content is the heart of the website. I can’t build you a body until you give me a heart.” (Simmons, 2007) This couldn’t be more true. The content of your website is the basis for the entire user experience. Without it, a website cannot be constructed properly. Content can’t just be a few paragraphs someone wrote at the last minute so that there is something in the website. It needs to carefully planned and written with the utmost care. “…if the words aren’t meaningful, the sleekest design in the world wont compensate for it.” (Simmons, 2007) » Read more: Writing Better Web Site Content

Delaware.Net Hires Two New Web Developers

August 17th, 2007

Delaware.Net is pleased to announce the addition of two new Web Developers!  These are new positions in our company, which will help us with growth and deploying Web 2.0 services.

» Read more: Delaware.Net Hires Two New Web Developers

How to add Google Analytics to your website.

August 15th, 2007

What is Google Analytics?

In March of 2005 Google announced the purchase of a company most web developers know very well called Urchin, they were the worlds leading company in web analytics and Web Statistics Reporting. Urchin is used by more large corporations than any other form of web site tracking software so it was a natural fit for Google, they purchased the company rather than creating their own solution because they needed a better way to prove traffic reporting and results to their main customer base, web site advertisers. Google Analytics helps you find out what keywords attract your most desirable prospects, what advertising copy pulled the most responses, and what landing pages and content make the most money for you.

In this article I am going to show you how to add the Google Analytics “code snippet” to your web page. » Read more: How to add Google Analytics to your website.

Web Site Image Resolution

August 13th, 2007

There are two ways we describe an image:
Low Res – Low resolution, 72 dpi (dots per inch).
High Res – High resolution 300+ dpi

Most websites are designed with low res images. It helps them run faster. High res would just slow down the website and cause things to take forever or not load at all. The only time high res images should be used is with print design. If you print with the low res images, you will have a blurry or pixelated image. » Read more: Web Site Image Resolution

It takes a village plus YOU to build a website!

August 13th, 2007

Some of the comments I hear from a client after finishing their project are “wow, thanks for the great website… you have thought of everything”, “You did a great job.” I usually say, “We thank you as well and I will share that with the team”.

Many clients don’t know what is involved in building their website or even care. They just want a site and want us to help them get there. So I want to provide a little insight to what is involved, what a client can expect from us and what we expect from the client. Yes, you! » Read more: It takes a village plus YOU to build a website!

Having problems with Email?

August 8th, 2007

Have you been having trouble with your email lately? You are not alone. Spam and virus mail volume has reached an all time high this summer. July has seen the largest virus attack in over two years with the attack continuing to escalate into August.

These attacks are perpetrated through bot-nets. The concept is simple: A user opens an email containing an attachment, (lately in the form of a pdf or zip, but any attachment can work.) The attachment executes the virus code, and the users computer becomes part of the bot-net. These bot-net infected computers can lay dormant for days or even months before being called into action by the spammer controlling the bot-net. Once called into action, the user’s pc becomes a spam and virus sending zombie. Infected machines can send thousands of emails per day using legitimate credentials. This traffic causes mail servers across the Internet to become bogged down slogging through all this junk. You could be infected right now and not even know it.

What can you do to protect yourself? » Read more: Having problems with Email?

Web Site Design Pricing

August 7th, 2007

One of the most common questions I hear is “what do you charge for a web site?”. My answers to that question have varied over the years and I often find myself wanting to give a dollar figure like the sales person does at Bestbuy when asking a price for a shiny new gadget that my wife will disapprove of.

I found an interesting article today while doing some research on this topic:

There is an old joke I saw once where a ship’s captain needed work on a boiler. He called a boilermaker who went down into the ship’s hold and tapped on the boiler in some different spots with a hammer. He said he was done and presented a bill for $1,000. The captain was upset and demanded an itemized invoice. Here is what he got…

Tapping with hammer: $1.00
Knowing where to tap: $999.00

I think too many of us in this trade are focused on the hammer tapping part (which is the actual coding) and not the part of knowing where to tap (which is the planning, experience, education, etc.)

» Read more: Web Site Design Pricing

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