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Archive for January, 2010

RPJ Waste Services Launches New Website Design

January 27th, 2010
RPJ Waste Services

RPJ Waste Services

Utilizing Web 2.0 standards, I redesigned RPJ’s website and launched upon’s proprietary CMS software, Team-Logic. RPJ was in desperate need of a facelift on their current website. Already running on Team-Logic CMS, they commissioned us to design a new concept to give their site a more visually appealing interface. They retained all of the core CMS functionality that they had prior with the addition of improved Google Analytics, faster page load time, and an editable javascript slideshow rather than the outdated flash they were using on the homepage.

Feel free to visit their new CMS-driven site at

Christina Gowns Launches New Online Dress Store

January 27th, 2010
Christina Gowns

Christina Gowns

Christina Gowns, an eCommerce fashion dress and accessory website just launched their new, upgraded Store-Logic 2.0 site. had been currently hosted on the soon-to-be discontinued Store-Logic 1.0 eCommerce engine and needed to be upgraded, redesigned, and have over 3000 products imported into the new store.

It soon became apparent that this store upgrade would not be simple due to the complexity of the features needed in Store-Logic 2.0 as well as the large amount of products to be imported and sorted. Patti, the lead programmer in charge of the upgrade put in many diligent hours to complete a fully functional inventory tracking system, custom shipping functionality, and a search-by-attribute navigation system, quite similar to the way the big box retailers like Toys ‘R Us and Walmart do on their sites.

Armed with Patti’s masterful programming skills behind the project, I designed a front-end layout in an attempt to bring the store up to Web 2.0 standards while providing for ease-of-use. We had seen far too many online dress shops plagued with poor design, over abundance of clutter and confusing layouts and so were tasked with making as clear and concise as possible to give the user a pleasant online experience when searching for that perfect dress.

Harrington, Delaware Launches New CMS Website

January 15th, 2010

City of Harrington, Delaware website

The City of Harrington, located in central Delaware, launched a brand new municipal

website designed and built by the staff at The new site has all of the features that come standard with’s custom apps, CMS-Logic (Content Management System) and CRM-Logic (Customer Relationship Management). With this powerful CMS, the City of Harrington will be able to create and edit all page content in their site, edit navigation trees, upload and manage pictures and videos, and much more. The City also included Mail-Logic into their package with, giving them the ability to easily have mass email lists generated by customers signing up through their site.

Harrington was a bit unique as far as municipal websites go as they needed essentially two front-end sites (one for the city and one for the police department) built on the same framework. This allows all of the city departments to communicate internally through the same intranet while having two separate front-end designs linked to one another through a common navigation. Both the city staff and the police department  now have the ability to track form submissions, customers, and to have a suite of internal communication tools.

If you would like more information on a quote to improve your website, click here. is goin’ green, one step at a time.

January 14th, 2010

Ok, so we aren’t installing solar panels or building a new office out of mud (yet), but we are recycling our trash. It occurred to me that we have 2 large trash cans in our kitchen, all it took was slapping a “recycling” logo on one of them. We will haul our recyclable refuse to one of DSWA’s drop-off centers weekly.

For those of you that haven’t looked into recycling in Delaware lately, they have made it easier than ever to drop recyclables off. There is now very little sorting required. Cans, bottles, junk mail, and paperboard can generally be thrown in the same bin. Corrugated cardboard is the only common recyclable you need to separate. For more information visit DSWA’s Drop-off Center webpage.

iPhone rumored to come in June to Verizon

January 14th, 2010

This website claims that a 4G version of the iPhone is coming in June. 4G, video chat, removable battery, and more. VZ already testing. Launching New Branding for Applications

January 14th, 2010

We have been hard at work on the latest branding campaign, which includes a new website for Delaware.Net, new logos for our applications, and new microsites for our applications.   All should launch this week or next week.





Outsourcing IT Services Will Save Your Company Money

January 5th, 2010

If you are in business, you have certain technology needs. Computers, phones, software, and maybe even a file server or a billing server.  Then comes the question who runs all of this for you.  What do you do if your computers break, your network goes down, or your server crashes?  Do you hire a person to manage all of this for you in what could be a very costly salary position?  Or do you out-source your needs to a technology company like Delaware.Net.

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