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New Pages and Navigations Dashboard Launched Today

February 7th, 2013

Today, we made some significant improvements to our Content Management System (CMS) dashboard that many of our customers use to manage their websites. The new interface is live on all of our servers.

Updated Pages Dashboard

Updated Pages Dashboard

This new dashboard includes an AJAX content search, so that pages can be found extremely quickly from anywhere in the website. It is now also possible to see when the pages were last edited as well. You can sort pages by name, type, or date and they remain paginated. This subtle improvement will make websites much easier to manage for our clients.

The code behind the interface was completely rewritten using JSON so that the dashboard can be resorted without refreshing the entire web page. The improvements to the code make the page faster and more efficient as well. This is important because the dashboard of the CMS has a lot of code running and it is a popular interface in our systems.

F & S Boatworks Site Goes Live

February 17th, 2012

New Homepage for F&S BoatworksF & S Boatworks came to Delaware.net looking for a more user friendly site that they could have full control over their site. They liked to the look of their current site but wanted a way that they could make changes and updates on their own.

We took their old site look and rebuilt it on our CMS (Content Management System). We did make a few changes, adding a slide show and a new navigation to the site. Now they are in control of their site and as new yachts are built they can post the images immediately.

It is much easier to navigate and more user friendly for clients. They also have the ability to expand the site adding more pages and content as the company grows.

Preview the site here.


Rehoboth Shores New Website

January 25th, 2012

Rehoboth Shores came to Delaware.net with a need to update their site and manage the content within their site. Using our Content Management System (CMS) they will easily be able to do this. We designed a custom layout and incorporated an app so they could showcase the propertied they have to offer.

Rehoboth Shores is part of a larger property management company Mid-Atlantic Shore Properties. They have other web site with us, like Tall Pines.

Visit the new site

Town of Middletown, Delaware

December 27th, 2011

The Town of Middletown’s website was starting to show its age, and it was built with a combination of software platforms that didn’t integrate well. The Town’s main goals were to make the website more attractive, and to deploy a better content management solution (CMS) to empower town employees with easy to use tools to manage the website.

Located in Northern Delaware within New Castle County, Middletown is home to more than 12,700 residents. Many affluent housing developments surround the town’s center. Current town growth town is a result of these such developments, which primarily attract high-income families relocating from Baltimore, Wilmington, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York City. The Town of Middletown’s new website is located at www.middletownde.org.

City of Friendswood, Texas launches

August 16th, 2011

Friendswood, Texas new websiteThe new Friendswood website is now live! With a new look and simple navigation the City of Friendswood will be able to manage the site and help its citizens much more efficiently. We focused on making the site much more user friendly and easier to navigate, thinking from the visitor’s perspective. We also tried to capture that Texas feeling in the design of the site with colors and design elements.

Friendswood, Texas, a town just outside of Houston was named one of the Best Towns for Families for 2011. They came to us for a completely new look and the Civic-Logic CMS to be able to manage and control their site themselves. With the CMS they will be able to have more control over the updates and be able to have more interaction with the public.

Castle Harbor Marina has launched!

August 15th, 2011

Castle Harbor Marina website

Castle Harbor Marina was an established marina in Chester Maryland, looking to upgrade their current site. They came to us for our Content Management System (CMS-Logic), which would make the site simple to manage and update. They were also looking for a sp

ecific style and colors to be used in the design. We were able to create a design that was exactly what they were looking for, with shades of blues and greens to give it that ocean feel. With a great design and our CMS

they will have the ease of updating the site and all it’s features, including calendars, contact forms and photo galleries of all that goes on there at the marina.

City of Dover Has New Website!

July 8th, 2011
City of Dover's website

City of Dover's new website design

We are very pleased to announce that the City of Dover’s new website is now live! Please check it out for yourself at www.cityofdover.com. We created a completely new design encompassing all Dover has to offer while increasing the functionality and making it easier to navigate for the visitor.

Delaware.Net, Inc. was chosen from 22 firms around the USA to rebuild four websites for the City of Dover Delaware. You might assume that we had an incredible advantage in winning this project, because we are located within the city. But you would be wrong. To keep the process fair to all bidders, we were not allowed to present our solutions for this project live and in person at the city’s offices. This was because the final four bidders were made up of us, and three firms from outside the state. There are several national web design firms that specialize in building municipal websites, much like we do. We know who the players are, and how their solutions work. This helps us show a municipality how they will gain a better solution from our company.

This was a very ambitious project, as FOUR websites that operate in the city were combined into ONE Content Management System (known as a Civic-Logic CMS). These websites included; the city’s website, the Dover Police department, the Dover Library, and parks & recreation. Each organization will have the ability to login to a centralized Intranet. This means that city employees will have access to a new web-based system for collaborating, sending mass emails, and managing their own respective websites.

The biggest challenge for this project was collaborating with all the different departments and taking into consideration each department’s needs and how to make their site more inviting and user friendly. From the homepage we have made it much easier to find what you are looking for with fewer clicks than the old site.

Another challenge to this project was that there was a requirement to build a design concept to show our vision for the project. Typically, it is a better idea to plan out the website’s structure before starting on design, but we wanted to win the project. So we built a design concept around how we would structure the site to take it to the next level for the city.

New website for the City of Dover, Delaware goes live!

June 17th, 2011

This was a vCity of Dover, Delaware new homapage designery ambitious project, as FOUR websites that operate in the city will be combined into ONE Content Management System (known as a CMS). These websites include; the city’s website, the police department, the library, and parks & recreation.

The new website is complete and looks great! Don’t take our word for it, check it out at www.cityofdover.com and see for yourself. The new website has a complete Civic-Logic CMS that is engineered to run municipal websites. This allows them to manage the access to pages and navigations to specific employees so each department can handle their own portion of the website. With the new design and layout it will be much easier for visitors to navigate to what they are looking for.

To see other municipal sites we have done click here.

Delaware.net Goes Live With The New Fayda Engineering Website

February 1st, 2011

Home page of the new Fayda Engineering and Energy Solutions websiteFayda Engineering & Energy Solutions came to Delaware.net for a completely new website. They wanted a way to show off their projects and to convey the important role an engineer can play in the building process. They specified they wanted a very minimalistic look and straight clean lines, they are engineers of course.

We accomplished this use our CMS. A large slide show on the home page and large images in the portfolio pages to really showcase their projects. There is plenty of information on the importance of the role of an engineer and there is plenty of room to expand. By using our news app they can keep client up-to-date with current information about their business as well as general engineering information. I used the colors from their logo throughout the site as well as clean lines and no rounded corners.

The finished product was a clean site that is very easy to navigate and will be very easy to maintain. Using the SEO tools will also help them come up much higher in google which will help them gain more business and grow as a company.

Visit the website

Delaware Valley Development Company Goes Live

January 27th, 2011

Delaware Valley Development Company Homepage

Delaware Valley Development Company wanted a way to be able to show their properties on the web. They needed a way to make updates and changes to their site easily due to new developments opening. They also needed to make it very easy to navigate.

Our solution was to create a custom designed website with the goal of ease of use and a more clean, professional look. Their new design was then placed on our content management system, CMS-logic, which will allow them to add videos, pages, links, files, photo galleries, and more. With the clean look and large photos, either in the interior apartment listing pages or on the home page slideshow, they are able to really showcase their properties. The navigation is simple and which makes it easy to get to the exact property the client is looking for from multiple locations within the site.

DVDC can now manage their own site which will save them time and money each year.

Visit the site here.

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